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Code of Ethics Paper

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Code of Ethics Paper


April 28, 2014

Code of Ethics Paper

What Are The Organization’s Goals?

According to the Children’s Hospital Association their goal is “provide the highest quality of care for children who require routine primary care or hospitalization” (Children's Hospital Association: Champions for Children's Health, 2013). Every child can benefit from comprehensive, regional, and local services provided in a children’s hospital. The Children’s Hospital Association understands that providing high quality care for children helps to promote and deliver specialized medications, monitoring, and extra time required to care for children. As divisional centers for children’s health, they also help to meet the health care needs of a child in rural, urban and suburb neighborhoods.

The Children’s Hospital Association has corporate sponsors that help them meet their goals by providing financial support for a specified program, which could help support research awareness, educational programs and numerous other projects (Children's Hospital Association: Champions for Children's Health, 2013). They also have corporate alliances that help to establish integrated relationships with other national companies and allow the Children’s Hospital Association the opportunities to reach out to the patients and their families (Children's Hospital Association: Champions for Children's Health, 2013).

How Are They Tied to its Ethical Principles?

The Children’s Hospital Association’s goals are tied to their ethical principles because

together with the help of their sponsors and alliances their vision is to provide the best quality

of care for all children’s health care needs throughout the nation. The association’s partners and

sponsors help to support the mission, which is to improve the health and comfort of children

and their families via support. They also help to support the association’s “four-fold

mission” that includes training in pediatrics, clinical care, child advocacy and research (Children's

Hospital Association: Champions for Children's Health, 2013).


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