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Law 421 - Business Torts and Ethics Paper

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Business Torts & Ethics Paper

Selina Sanchez



Mark Pugatch

Business Torts & Ethics Paper

This paper will be talking about whether or not the intruder is liable for his actions. It will also talk about the legal duties and responsibilities that the building owner may have on their behalf to Sharon and Daryl. It will also differentiate among the potential torts that might come up from this business context. Also it will discuss ways to help prevent the risk of the potential torts. Throughout the paper there will be talk about ethical responsibilities that the owner of the building may have to Sharon and Daryl.  

Is the intruder liable for his actions?

        The Intruder is liable for all his actions that he has caused towards Sharon and Daryl. He had committed assault and battery, intentional infliction of mental distress, and trespass torts. The intruder trespassed on property that he was not authorized to be on. The intruder also assaulted Sharon and Daryl and caused intentional infliction of mental distress and making Sharon and Daryl fear for their safety and causing emotional distress on them. It may also go as far as trespass against the intruder from the owner of the building since he had no right to be on the property when he committed the actions.  

        What are my legal duties and responsibilities to Sharon and Daryl?

      As the owner of the property will not have the duty to protect the renters on that level. Yes as the owner of the building needs to protect the actual building and make sure it is a safe for the tenants but that is as far as the owner needs to go. As the owner does not have the duty of care to Sharon or Daryl. Daryl is the manger but he went on his own to go above his position to help Sharon in a time of fear. The owner should make sure that all point of entries is as safe as possible for the tenants especially the ground level apartments. The owner shouldn’t be held reasonability if the tenants did not make sure that all point of entries is not secure or locked properly.  


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