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Ethical Issues in Marketing

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· Run the Analyzing Ethical Issues in Marketing simulation. What type of ethical dilemmas did you encounter when you had to make key decisions in the simulation? How did these dilemmas affect the decisions you made?

The main issue I encountered in the Ethical Issues Simulation was finding that balance between social responsibility and profits. In each scenario, I was faced with an option to make the best decision for the company or for the good of the consumers. In choosing to sell the higher price jacket, I would have negated the consumer concern of violence. Pricing a specialty item could create a buzz but it would place undue stress on parents who would be the real buyers. By finding a balance between the higher and lower priced item, it allowed the company to demonstrate fiscal concern for their consumers. In the final scenario regarding corporate expansion, I chose to be loyal to the company that had stuck with me since inception. I believe that in business trust and loyalty are two valuable factors that can strengthen any business relationship in order to achieve long term strategic goals and even more immediate tactical ones.

· Find a Web site that details the attributes of an effective business presentation. Based on the contents of the Web site, share with the class one or two best practices that you should consider when preparing the presentation for Week Six. Please provide the Web link in your response.

One of the early principles of management I learned a long time ago was K.I.S.S which stands for – Keep It Simple Stupid! While no one wants to be called stupid, the Keep it simple part certainly applies. According to the Ezine website (2010): here are some best practices for an effective business presentation:

• Simple: Avoid jargon and corporate-speak.

• Concrete: Be specific;


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