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Critical and Ethical Issues Faced by Advertisers in Drafting Advertisements

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Almost all companies use some sort of advertising when selling a good or a service. The expenditure for the campaign might depend on the type and the size of the Business. Advertising is a complex form of communication that influences customers to purchase a certain product or consume more from that product and, it always identify the sponsor or the company. Advertisements draw public attention to goods and services. Objectives and strategies of advertising lead to various types of impact on consumer thoughts, feelings and actions. Advertising is a paid medium. Generally advertisements provide information of the certain product or service in many different ways. Traditional media, such as; television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, direct mail and billboards are most commonly used to transmit advertisements to consumers.

Advertiser holds the main role in Advertising. Advertiser is the person or organization that uses advertising to send out a message about its products. Advertising Agency is the second player in Advertising. One of the primary benefits of advertising is its ability to communicate to a large number of people at one time.

There are different types of Advertising; Print advertising, Outdoor advertising, such as; Billboards, kiosks, tradeshows and events, Broadcast advertising, Covert advertising, Surrogate advertising, Public service advertising and Celebrity advertising.

Print advertising have always been a popular advertising medium, but television commercials are the most effective mass-market advertising format. Outdoor advertising has become a successful way of advertising because it gives consumers a new practical experience. Surrogate advertising can be seen in the advertising world, if a certain product is banned by law such as, cigarettes and alcohol. In most of the countries, Surrogate adverts were banned from few years. Using celebrities for advertising increases the popularity of the product.

Advertising encourage people to buy the products. Advertisers use different kinds of tactics in promoting their products. When advertising a product, advertisers use several Advertising Strategies to promote products among customers. Some times, advertisers use different kinds of effects to make their advertisement attractive.

Advertising affects consumers' daily lives, informing them about products and services and influencing their attitudes, beliefs, and ultimately their purchases. There are six different various key issues in Advertising Ethics: Poor taste and offensive advertising, stereotyping, body and self-image problems, targeting strategies, problems with advertising claims and other message strategies, and the issues surrounding the marketing of controversial products.

Poor taste of Advertising and Offensive advertising is one of the main key issues in Advertising. An advertisement for a certain product should always


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