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Ethical Issues in Management

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Ethical Issues in Management

The Significant issue facing Management I chose to discuss is the ethical issues that management has to deal with. Management has to deal with moral and ethical issues throughout his or her career. Managers have to re-evaluate what they were taught to consider as being moral and ethical. It is important for managers to remember that by making moral and ethical decisions, one must not make decisions based on what is best for self, but base their decisions on what is best for the company, the employees, customers, and the community (R.Daft, 2010). Before a manager can make an ethical decision, he or she must first know the policies and procedures of the company. It is extremely important for managers to be consistent when dealing with ethical issues. For instance, if management disciplines an employee who has violated the company's standards and procedures, management must do the same for all employees who are in violation.

Ethical issues companies are facing daily include layoffs, discrimination, and harassment. With these issues some companies find it hard to follow business ethics. Today companies are forced to deal with ethical issues such as Downsizings and the laying off its employees because of the current struggling economy. The oilfield industry is one of the businesses who at the beginning of this recession had to face the downsizing of its companies all along the Gulf Coast. When forced to downsize it is a tough decision to make for companies when deciding which employees to layoff. The company must come up with an ethical nondiscriminatory decision process procedure to follow when making this decision, which can be difficult and risky.

Another ethical issue companies have to face is Harassment in the workplace. Harassment is any unwelcome conduct based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, or age (E.E.O.C, 2011). Hostile environment and sexual harassment should not be tolerated. Hostile environment harassment occurs when a supervisor


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