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Comm 1402 Persuasive Speech Essay

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Ruqiyyah Muid


Comm. 1402

Opening Statement: Good afternoon, my name is Ruqiyyah Muid and I am here to persuade you to stop this action that many of us in this room commit and this can change our lives in the blink of an eye.  

Ask: By a show of hands how many of you guys have a license?


Ask: How many of you guys text and drive?

“Well for those of you who do text and drive you’re breaking one of the laws of NJ.  According to distraction. gov “ it is a primary law which means an officer can ticket a NJ state driver for texting while driving”.

During this speech I will try to persuade you to think twice about texting while driving by giving you reasons why you shouldn’t text while driving.

Texting while driving can affect all age groups but statistics shows that teens are mainly affected by the outcomes of the problem.  

According to “11% of drivers aged 18-20 admitted that they were sending or receiving texts when they crashed”

The first reason why we should stop texting and driving is because it is illegal.  Many municipalities and states are passing legislations making it illegal to text and drive.  In the state of NJ all drivers are banned and if caught texting while driving will be ticketed.  Some states like NY issue fines anywhere from $200 and up.  Is the text “ok” worth a fine of ticket??

The next reason is the number of people at risk is not just you; the driver.

Texting and driving puts you as the driver at risk but it also puts the people around you at risk.   According to “texting while driving makes you 23% more likely to be involved in an accident.

Texting with passengers in the car puts the passengers’ lives at a higher risk.  In a lot of cases the driver ends up in critical or stable condition; while the passengers are the ones who suffer life-altering injuries or death.  


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