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Persuasive Speech That the Virginia Plan Was the Best Choice for the Colonies

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I have come here today to stress the importance that this new plan be passed. Several events such as Shay's Rebellion lead up to us congregating here today in Philadelphia. It is quite obvious that the Articles of Confederation are flawed and in need of fixing. Yes, we all agree that a new government is needed, but how the states are represented is a gargantuan issue. There are two different plans out there to save this country: the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan. I strongly believe that the Virginia Plan is the obvious solution to the colonies issues, and the best way forward.

America is at a turning point in its history, and we had no idea what a huge impact we are to leave on this country. We must decide the governmental structure for a sustainable country where everyone has their own say. But how to represent the people is a problem. My dear friend James Madison is smart in that he designed a plan that took a whole different direction from the Articles of Confederation. We obviously needed a drastic change seeing the Articles haven't been effective.

This plan consists of a bicameral legislature with an upper and lower house. The states representation will be based on their population. Everyone still has a say, despite the state size. I know many of you in Rhode Island or Delaware think this is unfair, but if Virginia only got one vote, not everybody's voice would be expressed. It takes a direction in that the state won't be labeled by a certain vote, rather everyone gets an opportunity. The two houses provide as a form of checks and balances for the security and fairness.

The legislative branch will be very powerful. Both the chief executive and the judiciary are chosen by the legislature. This ensures that the other branches wouldn't be given an opportunity in which a dictatorship could


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