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Production Planning and Control - Multiple Choice Questions

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 MPSTME   Assignment :  Production Planning and Control         Time  60 min 10 MARKS

Multiple choice Questions . Please Tick and submit by 2.30  pm today at my email id

 1. End-of-line inspection often fails to improve quality for which of the following reasons?
A.It requires extensive personnel.
B.It lacks source accountability.
C.It excludes quality circles. D.Its costs are significant.

2.. The most desirable initial attribute in suppliers of companies that adopt JIT production is
A.on-time delivery  B.consistent quality C.competitive pricing D.adequate capacity

4. Materials should be moved from point of manufacture to point of use when 
A.production is completed at point of manufacture
B.the materials are needed at point of use
C.material handling equipment is available D.material at point of use is zero

5. Which of the following purchasing-related difficulties is most effectively addressed by implementation of MRP?
A.increased labor requirements B.cost increases C.vendor slippage
D.incorrect due dates

6. Where material requirements planning is implemented, the function of combining material planning with those of the buyer requires which of the following?
a homogeneous product line
B.the transfer of the planning function of purchased items to the purchasing department
C.increased lead times    D.valid priorities from the system

7. When planned orders from MRP are used to help vendors plan their capacity needs, the planned orders become which of the following?

A.vendors' scheduled receipts B.vendors' master schedules
C.part of the vendors' gross requirements
D.vendors' firm orders

8. Errors in the master schedule can result from data inaccuracies in which of the following?

component lead times B.inventory balances C.bills-of-material structure
D.manufacturing routings

9. Strategic sourcing is focused on

A. stable pricingB. transactionsC. acquiring goods and services D. order execution

10. Which principle of supplier partnerships is LEAST important?

A. compatibility of interests    B. pricing  
C. mutual need  D. trust

11. The goal of a supplier evaluation system is to 
ensure supplier is meeting the needs of the buyer B.provide a basis for cost reductions
[pic 1]emphasize price-oriented measures  D.[pic 2]focus on "on-time" delivery

12. The greatest advantage of a blanket order is that it
consolidates small repetitive buys over time used for inexpensive supply item only used for MRO items    D.reduces control


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