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Section one Multiple Choice

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1. Section one Multiple Choice A/B/C/D

This section is awarded 50 points; 2 points per correct answer to the question. Please choose the MOST appropriate answer.

1.1. What is the grey area in the relationship between ethics and the law?

A. The grey area stands for areas where values are in conflict

B. The grey area stands for the codification of ethics in specific social rules, regulations, and proscriptions

C. The grey area stands for social rules, regulations, and proscriptions that have been broken

D. The grey area stands for special cases that still need to be taken to court

Answer: a

1.2. What two developments have been particularly important to globalization according to Crane and Matten?

A. Social and economic developments

B. Economic and technological developments

C. Social and political developments

D. Political and technological developments

Answer: d

1.3. According to the stakeholder theory of the firm, a model in which the company is perceived to be related to four groups (shareholders, suppliers, customers, and employees) is known as the _____________ model.

A. Traditional

B. Stakeholder

C. Network

D. Empirical

Answer: a

1.4. Reaction, Defence, Accomodation, and Proaction are all ‘philosophies' or strategies of ____________?

A. Corporate social responsibility

B. Corporate social responsiveness

C. Corporate citizenship

D. Corporate accountability

Answer: b

1.5. John Rawls is associated with which normative ethical theory?

A. Utilitarianism

B. Ethics of duties

C. Ethics of rights

D. Ethics of justice

Answer: d

1.6. According to utilitarianism, an action is morally right if it results in the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people affected by the action. There are some problems with utilitarianism, according to Crane and Matten. Which of the following is NOT


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