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Life We Get One Time - Buddhism & Jainism

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Buddhism & Jainism

The school of Buddhism evolved in the eastern

part of India in 563 BCE. More or less at the same

time (in & around 550 BCE) another school,

Jainism, with almost similar thoughts, was

developing in the same part of India. The founder

of Jainism, Lord Mahavira was a contemporary of

Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and even

the Buddhist texts called Lord Mahavira 'an

enlightened being'.

In the sixth century BCE and the preceding era,

when both the schools of thought were developing

and spreading their horizon, no rivalry seemed to

have existed between them. This was because of

the fact that both the religions almost believed in

the same facts and philosophy of life. However,

both differed on some of the views such as

salvation and soul which led to their separate


Similarities Between Buddhism And Jainism

On God

Buddhism : The original Buddhist doctrine does

not entail any godly figures, though the later

Buddhist sects introduced some Godly figures. The

Buddhists believe in the Godlike figures or the

Bodhisattvas, who take interest in the welfare of

the world and work for its liberation.

Jainism : Alike Buddhism, Jainism also denies the

existence of God, though they acknowledge the

presence of the Jinas or Kevalins, who are higher

than human beings in status but subject to change

and evolution. However, unlike the Bodhisattvas,

the Kevalins are rather indifferent to the prayers

and problems and remain unaffected.


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