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Informative Speech Essay

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Informative speech:

An informative speech is a speech that doesn’t convince or present a view on certain topic. It just provides information related to the topic.

Everyone during their teenage have a rush of emotions going on inside them. We wish to stay alone, be independent and make our own changing decisions without consulting our elders. Just like other kids, even I had certain demands. One such demand was of studying in Canada. There were two major factors behind this desire.

The first one was that I wanted to explore a new place, make new friends, get to know different cultures and traditions. I wanted to get the best education, be a part of a system where more emphasis is laid on practical teaching and not just theoretical knowledge. And today I can gladly say that I made a right choice.

The second reason was the urge to live an independent life, where no family member would interfere, there would be no one to keep an eye on me and I can do whatever I want. I know most of you can relate to me because we all want this sort of life at one of point. But as time passed by, I realized that I was wrong, I realized the importance of my family. You know that feeling when you come home after school and see your mother waiting for you at the door, then giving her a tight hug and all your worries just vanish during that moment.

So, every coin has 2 sides, similarly one should embrace the changes in life.


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