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Informative Speech

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Purpose: To inform my audience about a journey of a spirit after death.


Every spirit had a journey after their death and need to go through seven stages in hell. The moment of clinical death, the body loses 70 grams in weight, which to them represents scientific proof of the spirit leaving the body. But the question remains- what happens to the spirit once it exists the body? According to Chinese belief, the journey of a departed spirit to hell is divided into seven stages over seven weeks which he is escorted by a tough, armed guard.

Body paragraph

1) The first stage at Demon Barrier Gate

a) In the first week, the spirit reaches the Demon Barrier Gate where he is stopped by guards.

b) They look up his record book and tell him he had borrowed from the hell bank when he was previously in hell and must repay the loan.

c) If the spirit is carrying hell money, he repays the loan and is allowed to pass.

d) But, if he has no money, the guards strip him and beat him up.

2) The second stage at Weigh Bridge

a) During the second week, the spirit reaches the Weigh Bridge and is placed on weighing scales.

b) While a man with a good record on earth is said to weigh “as light as air”, the spirit with a bad record is heavy with sin.

c) The guards quickly cut his body into small pieces and grind his bones into powder.

d) After suffering this agony, his body is restored to normal.

3) The third stage at Bad Dogs Village

a) The third week sees the spirit arriving at the Bad Dogs Village.

b) If he was a good man on earth, the huge, fierce dogs will welcome him with wagging tails.

c) If he was evil on earth, the dogs would tear him to bits

4) The fourth stage at The Mirror of Retribution

a) In the fourth week, the spirit comes face to face with The Mirror of Retribution.

b) A good spirit will see many beautiful things reflected in the mirror

c) A


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