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Informative Speech About ‘my Job - Veterinarian Assist’

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Jacob Rother


Collins; Fund. Speech

TOPIC: Informative speech about ‘MY JOB’ (Vet Assist.)



  1. INTRODUCTION – Hello, my name is Jacob Rother. I am a veterinary assistant at an animal hospital, studying to become a veterinarian. Today I will go over some of the things we do inside the clinic to keep everything moving smoothly and to keep the doctors free so they can attend to other patients or clients. A veterinary clinic depends greatly on its veterinary assistants to keep everything going, at nearly every aspect of the job.
  2. OVERVIEW – Today we will discuss,
  1. Assisting the Doctors & Technicians
  2. & Caring for the animals
  1. BODY
  1. Assisting the Doctors & Technicians – When working as veterinary assistant, one of the main things you do is ‘assist’ the doctors and technicians. Depending on the skill level of a veterinary assistant, the field of work is very broad. Some beginners will start out just holding the animal for shots or wellness exams and things of that nature. While more experienced assistants will be gloved up helping make incisions during an extensive surgical procedure and other more complicated matters. If trusted enough, a veterinary assistant may also administer yearly vaccinations, refill medicines, take phone calls, and a lot more in order to save the doctor time and in return keep productivity higher.
  2. Caring for the animals – The other big part of the job for assistants, is of course, caring for the animals, big or small. This area of the job also varies depending on the assistants’ skill, and is by far way too much to cover in such a short time, but I will name some of the common routines. Generally a veterinary assistant starts their day off letting dogs outside while cleaning their inside cages and giving them fresh water/bed, then will move onto treatments, pre-meds for surgeries, and feeding the ones that are allowed food. While at the same time writing in their charts to record their well fair that day, generally being whether or not they ate and drank, had bowel movement & urinated, general attitude (i.e. lethargic, happy, sleepy, so on..), and anything else that may apply to a specific patient. Also, bringing the dropped off animals back for the day, or taking them up to their owners to go home or visit. Other than letting them outside only 2-3 times a day, this job is a never-ending routine, because animals are constantly messy (especially the sick ones)!
  1. SUMMARY – So we have gone over,
  1. Assisting the Doctors & Technicians
  2. & Caring for the animals
  1. CONCLUSION – Veterinary assistants play a vital role in the success of a modern day veterinary clinic. A vet clinic without veterinary assistants would be comparable to a NASCAR team with no pit crew, without them, the functionality of the clinic would be ‘hard to maintain’ to say the least. And even though the job has its many moments of stress, it also has its many moments of joy and satisfaction!

Thank You!


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