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Job Analysis - Medical Buyer

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I have chosen the job analysis method known as the structured interview. I chose this method because I will be giving the interview and I will be available to answer any questions the incumbent might have. I am friends with the incumbent and we have a good rapport. I realize that the Position Analysis Questionnaire might be the better choice but I chose the interview for the personal aspect that I could bring to it. The PAQ is also very time consuming and I did not want the incumbent to possibly lose interest and start answering the questions with the intent of completion overtaking the intent of accuracy.

Position: Medical Buyer

Department: Purchasing and Supply Services

Reports to: PASS Supervisor and PASS Director

Interacts with: PASS Supervisor, PASS Director, fellow Medical Buyers, and various departmental employees

FLSA Status: Exempt

Date Approved: January 10, 2011

Position Summary: Performs various functions necessary for the continued operation of the hospital. These include, but are not limited to, obtaining quotations, placing orders, conveying pertinent information to departments on items ordered, to be ordered, or that have already been received, and meeting with vendor representatives.

Essential Job Functions, Tasks, or Duties: Listed in Alphabetical Order

 Allow Accounts Payable to pay invoices by correcting any invoice discrepancies

 Answer phones and direct callers in event secretary is previously occupied

 Assist various departments with any questions they may have regarding supply distribution

 Assist Receiving with correcting packing slip discrepancies

 Assist in performing inventory twice yearly

 Build and maintain professional relationships with various vendor representatives

 Check confirmation prices against purchase order prices and make necessary changes

 Contact and host vendors with the purpose of securing the best price possible

 Create and send purchase orders created from purchase requisitions

 Create hospital access badges for vendor representatives

 Deliver materials in event Receiving is previously occupied

 Perform any duties necessary in order for the Purchasing and Support Service department to assist the hospital in the performance of their duties

 Track


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