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Job Analysis

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Job Analysis

• Definition:

It is a method for describing jobs and/or the human characteristics necessary to perform them.

• Characteristics:

1. systematic procedure.

2. The job is broken into smaller parts.

3. The analysis results in some written product.

• Types:

A. Job-oriented

B. Person-oriented

Job-oriented job analysis

• Provides information about the nature of tasks done on the job.

1. Description of the task / what is to be done

2. Characteristics of the tasks

How tasks are divided?

Tasks are divided into a hierarchy in which higher level description are broken down into smaller pieces of the job

• A hierarchy might have four levels of specificity:

1. Duty: major component of a job

2. Tasks: to accomplish each duty one or more associated tasks are to be performed.

Tasks a complete piece of work that accomplishes some particular objectives.

3. Activity: Each task can be divided into activities

activities Individual piece of work

4. Element: To accomplish the activity a number of very specific actions/elements are involved.

The Person Oriented Approach

It provides a description of the attributes, characteristics, or KSAOs necessary for a person to successfully perform a particular job.

K= Knowledge

S= Skills focus on job performance

A= Abilities

O= Other personal characteristics (relate to job adjustment and job satisfaction, and performance)

• Knowledge is what a person needs to know to do a particular job.

• Skill is what a person is able to do on the job.

• Ability is a person's aptitude or capacity to do job tasks


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