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Job Analysis

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Tess Taylor / n5547903

Job Analysis

As a current Mass Communication student at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), I'm interested in pursuing a career that is both versatile and relevant in an ever changing and increasingly globalised job market. The following article analyses a Creative Director role (advertised by the digital marketing agency Resource Interactive) that I feel embodies the aforementioned requirements of my desired career. This article will not only demonstrate how the advertised role exhibits qualities of media convergence and globalisation, but also outline the genres and formats of media content involved in the position and discuss the primary audiences of its industry.

Resource Interactive is a leading digital marketing agency that employs award-winning digital strategy and creative technology solutions to help companies prosper in a constantly evolving Internet economy. Based in Columbus, Ohio with additional state offices in Cincinnati and Palo Alto, the agency attracts leading brands such as Apple, Procter & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola, Converse and Nestle who look to the company for expertise in Consumer Experience Design, Digital Commerce and Social Media Marketing (Resource Interactive, 2010).

The company is currently advertising a Creative Director position on, which appeals to me because it requires a person with a certain ethos (which I believe I have) and skill set that (upon finishing my degree and working within the industry for a while) I hope to possess. Over the following paragraphs I will outline the job description and tasks and explain how each appeal to me in terms of personal experience and career goals whilst highlighting qualities of media convergence and globalisation within the role.

As per the advertised job description on (2011) the Creative Director needs to be a highly conceptual individual (both visually and/or verbally) as well as a leader with experience following methodology, who can tackle business responsibilities. I interpret this as Resource Interactive requiring the successful candidate to be a creatively geared person who can communicate across a range of media and who possesses a business mind that is perceptive of new technologies, and their impact on such communication.

I consider myself a natural leader in terms of my ability to motivate and encourage people to work together in challenging assumptions, formulating ideas and finding solutions. During my primary education, I attended a lateral thinking school that encouraged students to utilise logic and intuition when making decisions and new and old methodology when creating new concepts. I had the privilege of being school captain in my final year there, a poignant role that taught me to be a perceptive and expressive communicator


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