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Frank Sinatra Informative Essay

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Madison Daum
Speech II- Informative Speech
SC 105

Pack It Up

        At my age a lot of people are going through different phases, trying to find out what they like or don’t, what they want to be when they’re older or what they should stay away from, even new hobbies. A new found liking of mine came across my Pandora radio one day and I’ve been a huge fan ever since, this would be the Sinatra era of music. It’s all about the soulfulness in their voices that attracts me to their music. So now, I shall introduce you to the one and only Frank Sinatra.

Let me start off with by talking about his beginning.

Frank was just like everyone else, starting at the bottom. He was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. Fun fact: when he was born, they believed he was ead but his grandma ran him under cold water and “The Voice” cried out (Journal of American Culture). He grew up in a poor neighbor and had to earn the respect from bully neighbors by fighting back. At the age of 17, he found in himself the drive to follow in Bing Crosby’s footsteps. Frank did the usual singer thing, starting in bars and pubs as well as weddings. In 1940, Tommy Dorsey asked him to be in a band and of course he accepted to continue on his rise to fame. Two years later Frank decided to go out on his own which is where the start of an era began.

I believe Frank surprised even himself with all he accomplished.

It wasn’t until 1945 that Frank was given a contract. The one that came along from Capitol Records was a poor agreement, stating that he even had to pay his own studio costs (Rolling Stone). Right away, producers were blown away by the talent of such a young man. His first album hit #1 on the charts. As Frank began to rise to stardom as a vocalist, he was also rising in the acting field as well. He received a special Academy Award for his role in a ten minute short, The House I Live, which promoted racial and religious tolerance. He continued singing and acting, creating a side band well known as the Rat Pack with other popular artists of the time. Frank continued on to rack up awards and finished his career with 11 Grammy’s and  17 Academy Awards.


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