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Essay on Parashuting

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This summer, besides being the most astonishing one in my whole life, has also been the most exploratory one. When I had saved enough money for a plane ticket, I went back to my homeland Lithuania. Couple of days later, one of my friends had suggested me to try something rather new and spontaneous – a tandem skydiving jump.

The morning was chilly and drizzly – now that's going to be an amusing and damp voyage! I and my whole support "A-team" were at the aerodrome punctually at 3 PM. To everyone's (except mine's) vast surprise the rain clouds had cleared up and the wind was an ideal 0m/s. All geared up, me and my humble comrade and instructor Mr. John boarded the miniature yellow plane amiably nicknamed Canary. The fear mixed up with extreme enthusiasm as we reached the 3 kilometer altitude. I wouldn't lie, if I said that my heart was beating as hard as the seismograph's needle, announcing an 8 point earthquake. After a friendly beep the green button light up. I felt a joyous tap on my shoulder which meant that this was it: the moment of truth – to be or not to be? I crossed my arms; I bent my legs and gave in to the relentless Earth's gravity. As we jumped into a cloud, I saw a rainbow 50 meters away from me, water droplets condensed on my face and it felt like a refreshing shower. It was just me freely falling, reaching terminal velocity, pulling the parachute chord, floating, dreaming… Delight and pleasure overwhelmed my five senses: I now possessed a patch of heavens.

That tiny bit of sky meant a lot to me, as I have always been striving for something more than standard: something that made me not blend in, but stand out instead. At the moment, while I'm still young, I'm guided by my instinct to make my life amazing and give it momentum, take all from my life that I can, and experience as much as I can. I was pretty frightened before the jump, just like now I'm before going to college,


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