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Essay on Tattoos

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In today's society tattoo's and body piercings are not seen in the

same way as fifty years ago. They are not frowned upon and considered

deviant behavior. In fact they are considered cool, and they are

becoming more and more popular among teenagers. However my

question to you is …are body piercings and tattoos okay or not?

I believe that the decision to get a tattoo or body piercing is up to

the individual. I believe that they are okay to a certain extent. However

coming from a family with a history of tattoos I may have a biased


Both tattoos and piercing have health risks. Most of them are non-

life threatening and can be treated.

The dangers and health risks for tattoos are as fallows. The most

common complication is adverse reactions to tattoo ink. These reactions

are more common among women. You also run the risk of gaining

infectious diseases. This is a result of using unsterile equipment. The

result of using unsterile equipment can also included skin infections,

hepatitis, staphylococcus aureus, or not being able to donate blood or

plasma. Allergic reactions are also uncommon but when they do occur

they are hard to remove and may remain for years.

Just as tattoos there are multiple dangers for getting a piercing as

well. The most common complication is disfiguration. If your ears are

pierced you run the risk of having your earlobes ripped. This goes for

tongue and belly button piercings as well. Allergic reactions can cause

the skin to pick up the studs color, as well as cause scars and or holes

that will not close (Which is particular seen in eyebrow rings). Another

health risk involving ear piercings is Auricular Perkhondritis. Auricular

Perkhondritis is an infection of the skin, soft tissue and cartilage. It can

lead to cauliflower ear – when the earlobe loses its shape and is

permanently deformed.



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