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Frontline Tv Show Essay

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The TV show "Frontline" offers a satirical look behind the scenes of current affairs programs and the depths they got to obtain ratings at cost of quality journalism. A truth the episode "We Aint Got Dames" explores is the amount of attention current affair programs place on ratings. The way that these current affair programs draw in ratings how they present their stories, they are sensationalised and enhanced to bring more entertainment value to the audience and they do not present the facts as they are.

In the episode "We Aint Got Dames" the Frontline team find out that "most" women, through a survey are bored by politics and prefer the personal side of it. The producers decide to dumb down the show to make their show more entertaining for the audience instead of reporting about real news.

Mike Moore, the anchor of Frontline tries to convince the producers to run his story about women working in sweatshops; the producers say that his story is too "Heavy" for the audience, though they do decide to dumb it down turning it into a fashion story mostly aimed towards the female audience.Mikes unawareness of the importance of the situation and its danger is exaggerated to inform the viewer that often there is a lack of professionalism within Current affairs programs, as the presenter, Mike, is merely a voice to the program.

This lack of professionalism is often concealed by an impression of intellectual authority. This falsehood is created by simple techniques cleverly framed on camera. "We have got a psychology studentÂ…well he is mature aged and has got a beard" says Kate, Brian replies-"Ok, well slap him in front


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