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Primary and Backup Thinking Styles

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Primary and Backup Thinking Styles

My primary and backup personal thinking styles as indicated in my circumplex are Humanistic-Encouraging and Achievement, with a percentile of 96 and 95, respectively.

In reference to my Humanistic-Encouraging score, I believe the survey could not be more correct. My results state that I believe that I can help people improve, and enjoy guiding and supporting their efforts and that I tend to use my skills regular and proficiently. Also, it indicates that seeing the best in people is important to me. In fact, my ability to combine an acceptance of others as they are with the inspiration and encouragement they need to become even better is what might me makes me a valuable mentor, manager, co-worker worker, and friend.

I agree with the results because there is nothing I would not do for my friends and I accept them just as they are. I have known my best friend for 17 years now and one of the reasons that I love her so much is because she is so different from me. She is naturally loud, always dancing and into fashion. She is what I would be if there was another Lilly. I am more of bookworm than she is but while we were in middle school and in high school together, I would help her out to achieve her potential. She just needs a little push in certain areas to be the best she can be. Furthermore, if you do not accept people the way they are what good can that bring to the relationship you have with them? This is why planet Earth is so amazing, it is made of billions of people who are so different from each other, but somehow we make it work.

Another reason why I think I received a perfect score for my Humanistic-Encouraging style is I always feel like I need to look for people and help them out where and when I can. A lot of people tell me that I will be a good mother someday because I am so nurturing. At work for example, I try to help out my co-workers to achieve their full potential. I remind them of things that they probably forgot they needed to do so they can achieve their goals by our given deadline or if they do not have the time, I use my lunch time to help them out. I keep mental notes as well of what people like around the office, like a specific type of pen or coffee creamer because little details like this make people happy that someone remembered about them and makes their day better which in turn makes for a more productive day.

In relation to my backup thinking style, Achievement, it has been a part of me as far back as I can remember. My parents raised my brother and me to be the best at whatever we did but more specifically in school. In middle school, high school and in college (undergraduate), I never had an average below a 90. School was something that I knew I was good at and I have always tried to keep it that way. I always like to compete to be the best and it gives me a sense of pleasure, even more so a rush of adrenaline


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