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Marry Brown Company Owned by the Malaysian and They Are Thinking of Opening in Singapore

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Marry Brown Company owned by the Malaysian and they are thinking of opening in Singapore.

MarryBrown is a company that proudly owned and managed by one of the Malaysian that has found fast food as one of the best choice in starting their business, it is the first Malaysian owned fast food restaurant that provide a wide variety of tasty meals including crispy juicy fried chicken,burger,seafood, and few variety of Malaysian food such as Nasi MarryBrown and Nasi Ayam MB.

We choose MarryBrown as the company that to be expanding to our neighboring country Singapore. Due to the cultural of Singapore and Malaysia are almost the same, we assume that most of the food from MarryBrown will favorable for Singaporeans especially the Nasi MarryBrown and the Nasi Ayam MB,these are Asian favorable food that most of the Asian people consume. Beside Chicken are consumable for most people in the world, and nowadays fast food has become important for people in the world cause they are busying working and they dun even have enough time to eat their launch, therefore most working people they usually came to these fast food restaurant to consume their meal, especially for Singaporeans that most of them only takes public transport and usually public transport will take time for them to reach a destination.

As MarryBrown has a affordable and cheaper pricing compare to McDonald or KFC, not only wealthy people are to be consume fast food, even average people that are not that rich can be consume at MarryBrown, Even it is time of Economic down, people still can consume at MarryBrown.


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