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Missions, Goals and Values of Marry Brown

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Missions, Goals and Values of Marry Brown

Marry Brown is a well-known fast food restaurant throughout the world where they attract customers by sticking on the goals like improve their position in the home-grown market and toughen their brand and at the same time make the public paying special attention of the high standards food serving by them. The company also based on the goal -to improve the reputation of Marry Brown amongst Malaysians and make the society noticed on what the restaurant has offering in order to attract more customers. On the other hand, according to Marry Brown (2007), the missions of their company are to achieve excellence standard in customer services, and increase sales and profits of the company. Next, what is the core value of Marry Brown Company? According to the official website of Marry Brown Company, their success is due to the company’s basic values which are the high quality of foods, fast service in a friendly and clean environment and great value for money. They prepare products according to Malaysia’s Halal requirements and provide fresh food as well as clean cooking process so that customers can enjoy Marry Brown’s products with 100% peace of mind. Besides, the restaurant also provides a brilliant, stylish and fresh look that complements the lifestyle of today’s consumers. This is their method used to attract the attention of customers especially kids and teenagers.

Company Structure

Marry Brown is the first and largest home grown fast food restaurant in Malaysia which is started by the husband and wife team of Lawrence Liew and Nancy Chan in 1981. According to Star News (2009), Marry Brown began its business at a small shoplot in Jalan Wong Ah Fook 31 years ago. Based on the rapid growth of their business, Marry Brown now has its own company called Marry Brown Fried Chicken Sdn.Bhd. where Lawrence Liew is the executive chairman and chief executive


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