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Kraft Food Group – Mission, Vision and Value Statements

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Kraft Food Group – Mission, Vision and Value Statements

Executive Summary

This case study will identify, and critically analyze the Mission, Vision, and Value Statements of the Kraft Foods groups, Inc. Upon completion of this task, it will recommend changes for meaningful aliment of its goals. Kraft Food Groups wants to be the best food and beverage company in North America (Mission), make a legacy (Vision), and exhibit responsibility (values). The mission, vision, and values statements are interwoven, but the mission lacks attainability. The vison and value statements are distinct, concise and comprehensive.


The purpose of the case study is to provide a critical evaluation of the vison, values, mission statement, and goals/objectives of the Kraft Foods Group. The analysis will reflect the background materials on the course blackboard and the completing Session Long project in Module One. The case will initially identify the mission, values, and goals of the Kraft Foods Group, critically evaluate them based on the criteria presented in the SLP, determine which elements are relevant to specific stakeholders, and where there are need for changes to improve those elements (vision statement, mission statement, the statement of company values, and company's objectives and goals).

Kraft Foods Group: Mission Statement and Analysis

The Mission of the Kraft Food Groups is to become the best food and Beverage Company in North America (, 2014). The statement does demonstrate the task of an effective mission statement "describes the purpose of the company" (Caldeira, 1997). However, the statement does that specify the manners in which its desires to be the best. At such, it not measurable, and cannot critically be attained. It does not meet the variable of the test of distinctiveness, and needs to be redefined. The mission statement must identify distinct purpose, focus, and direction; that are meaningful and inspiring (Drohan, 1999).

Kraft Foods Group: Vision and Analysis

The company's web site does not actually specify it vision in direct or concise sentences, but it implies that it desire to "make a legacy or reputation". The track record of the company's past indicates that it has a distinct sense of where it is heading. The idea of becoming the best across North America does come with a prestigious legacy that would go unforgotten. There is no doubt that such a vision is concise, comprehensive, and appealing. Solomon's advice about the vision of every organization or nation still holds as a fundamental reality for all generation. He said that where there is no vision, the people would perish (Proverbs 29:18/Hughes, 2006). The Kraft Food Groups certainly


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