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Kraft Foods Case Study

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Kraft Foods is a global company that is changing the world one bite and one sip at a time. This can be shown in their inspiring vision statement which is “helping people around the world eat right and live better.” The company does not want to be in the business just to make money, but going above and beyond by meeting consumers’ needs, making food better, and making eating an enjoyable part of life.

Community involvement is a huge part in the Kraft Foods organization. When the employees are not on the clock, they are trying to make the world a better place. Their biggest community involvement is the Delicious Difference Week. More than 20,000 of their employees put their hands, backs, and hearts into volunteer activities helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Delicious Difference Week is part of the ongoing commitment to fight hunger and to encourage healthy lifestyles. In partnership with hundreds of nonprofit partners, employees volunteer in 56 countries and have dedicated time to serve their communities and raise awareness for important social issues. Events include planting community gardens, building playgrounds, serving nutritious meals to the hungry, helping children in need and assisting at food banks.

Kraft Foods’ CEO, Irene Roesnfeld, said “To us, a delicious world is about living well and taking care of each other today, while being vigilant about the tomorrow that we’ll leave for the next generations.” Since 1999, in the United States alone, Kraft Foods helped provide more than one billion servings of food to those in need. The company is also helping to improve the livelihoods of more than one million farmers through partnerships that support sustainable agriculture. They also have cut sixty million miles from their global transportation network. Kraft has been a leading company, in recent years, in supporting a healthy and active lifestyle for their customers. During the last five years,


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