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Mission, Vision Values and Management

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Management is a complex affair. But it is something we all face sooner or later. Management theories are applied to benefit and increase organizational service and productivity. Numerous managers use not just one theory or concept when applying strategies in the workplace. They often use a combination of certain theories, depending on the workforce, place, and goals. Jones, G & George J. (2016) stated: “Management is the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals effectively” (Chap 1, p. 5).

The writer of this paper will discuss administrative and behavioral management theories and apply them to her current work environment.

Administrative and Behavioral Management Theories

In the Department of Emergency Medicine, administrative management theory within our office has its way to find a rational way to design our organization as a whole. It calls for a formal administrative structure, a delegation of power by our chairman, plus delegation of authority and power to our administrative people. Our leadership is thriving to high efficiency and effectiveness. Leadership does show authority, which could result in bureaucracy and at times cause friction among other senior physicians. Nonetheless, everyone is aware of whom to report to, and in the end, everyone does respect our Chairman’s knowledge and leadership.

Another theory applicable in our department is behavioral management. Mary Parker Follet advocated, “Authority should go with knowledge…whether it is up the line or down” (Jones, G & George J. (2016) p. 47). Leadership encourages, motivates, and expects devotion from our medical and administrative staff, to ensure to achieve our departmental goals, and foremost that we give excellent care to our patients.

Management theories have changed over the last 20 years; main reason is that technology is having a big impact on our work and private life. Advances in telecommunication, the way we travel, but mostly the way we communicate. Informative Technology (IT) made a huge impact in our lives. Nowadays we spend a great deal of time on our phones, checking mail, surfing the Internet, searching for directions, and even depositing our checks. With this the issue of hacking arises, confidential material may leak. The social media is all about us; most organizations possess their website, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Moreover, instead of dealing with people face to face, it seems we are just handling issues by sending an email, versus the personal “confrontation.”

Another impact is global competition, financial capital, overseas trade, and technology. Organizations in the 21st century need to observe issues like energy prices, pollution, and inner-city poverty. Especially countries like India and China can offer their services at a rate significantly reduced,


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