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Lincoln Electric Case - What Are the Vision, Mission, and Value Statements of the Company?

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Lincoln Electric Case

What are the Vision, Mission, and Value statements of the Company?

The Lincoln Electric Company is a global manufacturer and the market leader of the highest-quality cutting, welding, and joining products. With the use of their technologies Lincoln Electrics goals are to make their customers more productive and successful. The Lincoln Electric Company has 6 principles that make up their mission statement. Total solutions, expertise, global, principles, stakeholders, and responsibility are all apart of these. They will be driven by customer satisfaction, and they will strive to exceed customer expectations. They will differentiate from their competitors by technology, quality, applications engineering, and sales, and marketing expertise. Over 40 percent of their total sales will come from outside North America. Lincoln Electric will also have manufacturing facilities located worldwide. They will base their human resources systems to attract, reward, develop, and motivate high quality people. With their continuous improvement they will be able to reward their shareholders and employees. The company will be responsible and maintain health and safety to every single employee. Lincoln Electric also has 6 values statements that they conduct their business in accordance with. They will respond to their customer needs and expectations with quality, integrity, and value. The company will recognize people as their most valuable asset. They will maintain and expand the Lincoln incentive management philosophy. Lincoln Electric will practice prudent and responsible financial management. They will strive continually to be environmentally responsible. Finally, they will support communities where they operate and industries in which they participate.


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