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Flora2000 Company Analysis

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3.1 Primary Research Objective

To streamline the existing processes of online flower delivery and to do online branding of Flora2000.

3.2 Project Deliverables

• Study of existing processes followed in online delivery of flowers.

• Design a marketing campaign for online marketing of Flora2000 in the Global market.

The report covers recommendations on marketing and branding aspects for Flora2000.

3.3 Value of information to the management

 Information which captures the processes involved in the delivery of flowers globally within a limited time period

 Information to make decisions on increasing visibility and brand awareness in the target market.


4.1 Company Profile

Founded in 1999, they have specialized in creating inspiring bouquets and arrangements. For more than 10 years, they have honed their craft, transforming our wishes into artistic expressions of contemporary beauty.

They fall under Orios, and have 2 more verticals in the form of Remindo and Yo4Ya.

After, over a decade of existence as a premium brand offering fine floral deliveries across 160+ countries, they Aim at increasing their reach to 200 countries by end of the year 2009-10.

Besides, they pride themselves in their exceptional standards of design, quality, personal attention, respect and trust both with their clients and business partners.

They currently stand as the world's leading service for the international delivery of bouquets with the revenue for 2008-09 standing at over Rs. 35cr

4.2 Product Range

They make and sell a wide variety of bouquets/flowers to various parts of the globe. The price ranges from $ 17.99 to $ 112.99

4.3 Distribution Channel

With its presence in over 160 countries, they promise to deliver the freshest flowers on the same day by creating a proprietary worldwide delivery system that ensures its customers take advantage of its network of the world's most talented florists and the planet's freshest flowers.

The payment for the same is made online via credit card and distribution takes place.

4.4 IMC

All their marketing activities are carried out via the net since its deals in online sale of flowers and bouquets. All advertisements and offers thereof are noticed online


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