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Bilt Company Analysis

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BILT Industries

Trend analysis

There is a huge reduction in the debt of the firm. The firm has reduced its debt by about 50%

The net block of the company has also reduced considerably (check jun08 balance sheet). The company has mainly paid of a mojor part of the loan in the year 08

Investments of the company has grown up many fold from 18.67 to 1151(check jun 10 bs)

Company has reduced its inventory holding to about a half than the 06 levels.

The cost of raw materials have increased has increased by over 125% over the past 5 years.

Profitability of the firm

The company has been maintaining more or less same profitability margin over the years. The profitability margin has reduced marginally from 14.7 to 13.9.

There is a significant change in the interest to sales ratio as the company has been paying interest on the debentures it given in the 2008 period.

Leverage management

Asset management

The asset turnover ratio of the company has improved from 0.69 to 1.59. By checking the gross block of the company it is found that there has a significant reduction in the plant and machinery of the firm which means they have sold a plant.

The current ratio has worsened from 3.71 to 1.77 mainly due to increase in the liabilities from the creditors which has been shot up by about 100%

Cost management

and debt management

Tax management

ROTA: 279.35/1463.67=19.08(jun 10)



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