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Pa 1020 - Company Analysis on Bosch

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The growth of industry sector has taken a long time to get some kind of recognition amongst the industrial business in India. Increasing number of automobile companies and other industrial sectors in India has led to the increase of companies producing parts and services for them. The aim of this report is to contribute in some small way to the knowledge and practices of these companies which produces the parts and also service providers.

The forces of globalisation and technological changes have opened up new opportunities and also challenges to the industrial market who tend to serve the need of different other industry sectors and also consumer goods. The market is changing in a rapid pace in today’s environment.

This report undertakes analysis of one of such company which plays a big role in the Industry sector across the world. It covers most of the different strategies and analysis that BOSCH uses in different situations in different departments. This contains all the latest reports on BOSCH which helps to analyse the performance of the company in the present situation. The target of this paper is to give an overview of the company’s structure and to analyse its current situation and strategy.


The BOSCH group is the leading supplier of technology and services globally. There are around 285,000 associates across the world in automotive and industrial technology, even in consumer goods and building technology and generated sales of about 47.3 billion euros in the fiscal year 2010.BOSCH Limited was founded in 1951, it is India’s largest auto component manufacturer and largest Indo-German companies in India. The company generated net sales of Rs. 6630 crores in 2010. In MICO BOSCH limited the BOSCH group holds 71.8% stakes.BOSCH Limited has wide network across the nation which spreads across 1000 cities and towns. BOSCH completed its 125th anniversary in 2011.The sales revenue of the company in the year 2010 was 47,259 million euros with a gross profit of 16,195 million euros with an approximate growth in revenue of 24% .The Company has grown in a big way from the last year and has come up from difficult situations. The company is represented in over 150 countries.BOSCH spent 3.8 billion euros for research and development.


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