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Critical Thinking - Wambari (1992)

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According to Wambari (1992) "one of the greatest philosophers ever lived; it is quite clear that human being is made up of two things namely; mind and body". Interestingly, the French went ahead to give different contrasting qualities of the substances constituting what we call a human being. The mind was one of his disciplines of interest where he gave it a definition as a thinking substance while on the other hand; he called the body a physical matter. The body is responsible for moving from one place from one another under influence of external forces or objects, occupies space and can be divided into several parts. In contrast, the mind is bestowed with the responsibility of reasoning. It through this mind that one can develop the quality of autonomous thinking we all require especially in our daily lives on earth; specifically Kenya.

Autonomous thinking is a trait whereby a human person is able to have an independent mind of judgment, able to think for oneself without an influence from external forces. An autonomous person is able to have a self-governed decision-making whose point of argument originates from his/her internal conscience. The opposite of this is heteronymous; where one is an able to make personal judgment and ones thinking is not independent hence swayed around or controlled by external forces Miggy (2001). It is due to the benefits and urgency of autonomous thinking that we ought to be such thinkers in Kenya today. Reasons range from political, social and economic decisions we usually encounter and make in our daily lives.

Political arena takes a central reason why we ought to be autonomous thinkers. To begin with is the latest concluded august Referendum poll. Kenyans were put into anarchy by their politicians who took different positions regarding the two sides of polling. As human beings, some Kenyans were tempted into listening to their politicians' point of views, an example of external force to human mind. As autonomous thinkers, Kenyans were expected to make their own internal judgments on the Constitution. Such a poll and other subsequent especially the bye-elections taking place in some parts of the country are some of the reasons why we ought to be autonomous thinkers. Above all is the forthcoming 2012 general elections when every Kenyan should express ones democracy through autonomous thinking.

As stated by Autonomous thinking enables us to stop our trends of live, think again and take new steps or improve the current Watson (2001). In Kenya today we encounter the challenge of unemployment. This is attributed to the poor governance and other global challenges. The situation is worsened by fallacies that are in public domain discouraging scholars and entrepreneurs regarding absence of employment. Being such a thinker, Kenyans can doubt such annotations sit back, think for themselves as to why they live with such capabilities. By so doing, personal


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