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Mgt 350 - Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making - Decisions in Paradise

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Kava is a beautiful island in the remote reaches of the South Pacific. Ernie’s coffee shop seeks to become a place for locals and tourists alike to gather and enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee while watching the waves crash upon the shore as the sun sets in the majestic Pacific Ocean.

There are a number of issues to address prior to Ernie’s coffee shop grand opening. Since the Island is made up of 50% of youths younger than 15 years old, and the rest of the population is roughly elderly retired people, or young families this translates into catering to an older crowd of clientele, and employing personnel that have families to support.

In order to operate a successful business enterprise the host community(Kava Island) must buy into what that respective company offers to do in its mission statement. As a café conducting operations abroad we must be sensitive to the culture we are going to operate in, many labor laws in the United States are much more stringent that labor laws abroad. As a responsible company we will abide and pay above market rates for labor costs in that given region of the world. We will hire no children or endorse any slave labor, and require that any company that does business with our firm be held accountable to prevent any reprehensible labor practices.

The coffee we purchase will be responsibly grown, the supplies we will purchase will be in the local market, if that is not feasible we may have to import such supplies until an alternative supplier can be found. We will strive to do as much business in the local communities that we are based in, but we will not sacrifice quality for the sake of profits, our business practices are to thrive in the communities we operate in. Our prices that we charge for our coffee will be competitive, we will charge a fair market amount for our coffee and related products, this means our business model will not be predatory in nature, and finally it is about the dining experience at Ernie’s that will make and keep customers coming to us for an unforgettable and


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