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Decision Making in Organizational Structures

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Decision Making in Organizational Structures

Gwendolyn Broussard


Organizational Structures

As the new manager, we will begin by updating our outdated product line by updating the company's technology. This can be done by the purchase of new equipment, tools or just using new operating methods. These types of changes could increase the company's productivity and made the company operations more efficient. This could be done by using automation to make production more efficient and faster. This can also be done by using computerization to organize company information and share information more effectively companywide.

Addressing the problem of adversarial communication, we would look at changing the organizational design of the company. We could introduce sensitivity training which addresses changing behavior through structured group interaction and team building, which uses activities that help team members learn how each member of the team thinks and works. We can also try intergroup development, which changes attitudes, stereotypes, and perceptions that work groups may have about each other by using survey feedback to assess the attitudes and perceptions of team members. This is done by identifying discrepancies and using survey information in feedback groups. (Robbins & Coulter, 2009)

To answer the problem of competition for internal resources, you should establish events that allow more than one person or team to win incentives. For example, set a company goal and make it so that each person or team that reaches the goal will earn an incentive. This makes the competition about reaching the goal and not about each individual person. You may even reward the top performers instead of just giving recognition to any special one person. You should hire and reward employees based on their work ability and their ability to reach corporate goals. You should get rid of people who don't adhere to the idea of united communication within the company or organization; you should place your focus on identifying external opportunities instead of having people compete with one another. It is a good idea to promote employees to higher positions who have had a history of building and promoting team unity. Encourage people to become personal with each other so that they will be quicker to cooperate with one another.


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