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Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is a crucial part of the decision-making process. Critical thinking is a mode of thinking about different subjects, people, problems, and the content of the decision. Some people are intimidated by the word critical thinking. Critical thinkers try to live rational and reasonable lives. Critical thinkers make themselves aware of what they are thinking about and how it affects every past, future, and present action (Defining Critical Thinking).

In the work environment decisions are made every day and all day long. The decisions range from finding and fixing a problem, firing and hiring, or just changing positions. The critical thinking experience in my workplace has to do with changing job positions. I worked as a waitress for four years at the Casino Queen in East St. Louis, Illinois. Several positions may have come up for bid throughout the years. The only problem is trying to make a decision to apply for a different position. Decision making involves critical thinking in order to make the right analysis. The decision making steps involve framing the problem, making the decision, and evaluating the decision.

Decision Making Steps

Framing the Problem

1. Identify the problem

2. Define criteria, goals, objectives

3. Evaluate the effect of the problem

Making the Decision

4. Identify causes of the problem

5. Frame alternatives

6. Evaluate impacts of alternatives

7. Make the decision

Evaluating the Decision

8. Implement decisions

9. Measure impacts


The problem I faced was making the decision about leaving my department. Questions were raised in my head, such as why should I leave this department, will there be better pay, will I get benefits and full hours, and will I be able to spend the time with my children at home in the evenings? The thought process is serious in this situation. I have a foundation set and this would be like starting over. If I take this position will I have a sitter for my children? If there is a pay cut will I be able to manage my current lifestyle? When the questions popped into my head my critical thinking process was in mode. These questions had to be answered before I could


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