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The Hendricks Theory of Love Styles

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The Hendricks theory of love styles:

1. Romantic love (eros): "My lover fits my ideal." "My lover and I were attracted

to one another immediately."

2. Game-playing love (ludus): "I keep my lover up in the air about my commitment.""

I get over love affairs pretty easily."

3. Friendship (storge, philia): "The best love grows out of an enduring friendship."

4. Logical love (pragma): "I consider a lover's potential in life before committing

myself." I consider whether my lover will be a good parent."

5. Possessive, excited love (mania): "I get so excited about my love that I cannot

sleep." When my lover ignores me, I get sick all over."

6. Selfless love (agape): "I would do anything I can to help my lover." My lover's needs

and wishes are more important than my own (Rathus,2005)

Compose two scenarios, each depicting a different style of love between two people.

1. James and Katrina met in science class; they had a lot of friend in common and therefore were invited to a lot of the same functions and get together. James and Katrina flirted often and Katrina was attracted to James but she also knew he has a girlfriend Jules and she in no way wanted to come between them.

Jules moved and James and Katrina began dating, they were both very busy and did not spend much time together. James didn't tell Katrina that he never stopped seeing Jules and that he secretly had other girls in which he dated when he felt like it. But Katrina starting hearing the rumor and of course James denied them, time went on and the rumors continued. Katrina starting doubting James he was very flirtatious and popular with most of the girls, she even thought she had seen him kissing Maggie in the hall on more than one occasion…..

James's love style is; Game-playing love (ludus) he may see himself as a conqueror and women as a prize that needs to be won. He has many girlfriends or "friends" and really never truly engages in a relationship or commits to any of them. His lifestyle is possibly thrilling


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