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Led 600 - Present Moment Thinking

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LED 600

Week 3 Assignment

In your own words describe what it means to engage in "present moment thinking." Why is this type of thinking an essential aspect of leadership? What implications do you see it having for your capacity to exercise leadership? Write approximately 1 page.

To engage in present moment thinking one must not dwell in the past nor should they spend too much time anticipating the future. However, when one practices present moment thinking they can't totally dismiss the past; that would be irrational and counterproductive. If a leader totally disregards a company's past mistakes he is destined to repeat the mistakes. If the leader researched the company's past mistakes he would be better equipped to handle the problems shall they arise again. A leader that practices present moment thinking does not believe in accepting a quick answer to a problem or dilemma simply because that answer is readily available. A present moment thinker is open to feedback and is constantly seeking conventional and non- conventional ways to acquire knowledge. They won't allow themselves to become complacent and lackadaisical in their acquisition of knowledge and data. I feel that the present moment thinking is an essential leadership aspect because it allows the leader to be aware of the past without dwelling on it and at the same time be aptly prepared for the future. I strongly feel that practicing present moment thinking will enable to be a more productive leader. By practicing present moment thinking I will lead more efficiently because I will be concentrating on the situation at hand rather than dwelling on the past or focusing on what could happen in the future. One example that comes to mind in my current leadership role as a teacher is the dilemma with my current students standardized test scores. I have spent hours upon hours worrying and fretting


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