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Being and Thinking as a Man

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Man is the historical question between being and thinking.

In regard to link between being and thinking man may be a link but it is not the only bridge to that joins being and thinking. That concept is broad enough that it gives way to rebuttal and refusal. Most likely one of the most quoted philosophers Descartes has said "I think therefore I am." That statement gives the assertions that if you can think then that thinking determines your existence and in turn your being. Putting that statement into context one would have to be believe that one only "is" after the act of thinking. The supposition that, until thought occurs, one does not exist has to be assumed.

There are many different levels to thinking that are not specified. Being conscious is a thinking act. So how is it that we define conscious acts such as blinking and breathing? However, how we approach conscious acts, conscious acts simply are their appearances. Even if the conscious act itself is part of some larger unconscious activity, what defines the conscious act as a specific conscious act is how it presents itself to us, unconscious features should be are. And so the claim that man is the question between being and thinking should be clarified as oppose to refute.

There are basically three ways of understanding the "I" in "I think therefore I am" as the real self which is man, as the self that is constituted by the act of thinking or being and as the first person perspective which is selfhood. Of these three it is obvious that the existence of conscious acts can't prove that man can indeed exists based of off the elementary thought alone. If that were the case we could say that inanimate objects such as televisions, computers and cell phones could be considered beings because in a sense those object "think" as well.

Who is man (Dasein) in the context of being


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