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Louis Armstrong: The Jazz Man

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Louis Armstrong: The Jazz Man

What would the world be without the beautiful world of music that we know of? Life would be dull and boring, with no rhythm to go by. The geniuses, the talented prodigy's are what give our lives a rhythm to go by, whether it's a depressing or happy rhythm, music has been there. One of these important prodigies's is Louis Armstrong, an important figure in the wonderful world of Jazz. Like many musical performers Armstrong lived a life of full of many struggles and of many achievements that after the struggles suffered to achieve the success that he obtained. For life in this world is not easy at all one has to confront many obstacles in order to achieve their biggest goal in life.

Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, he was born in the center of the world of jazz, for Jazz is said to have its origins in Louisiana. Armstrong was born in a poor area of Louisiana as a child he had to work at a young age, his father had abandoned the house when Armstrong was born, He worked in the cotton fields of Louisiana, a thing that he hated the most, his mother and grandmother were his supporting comfort his mother left him for a while but then came back. Armstrong really did not like school as much for he dropped out of school at the age of 11 to dedicate his full time to his work. Armstrong worked in many jobs for he wanted to help his mother provide for the family, he wanted to keep her away from prostitution.. Louis though did make a mistake that cost him to go back to school. He was sent to a reform school when he fired a gun on New Years Eve of 1912, thanks to this mistake in life Armstrong was introduced to the world of music . Louis knowledge of music grew and he became the school's band leader. When Armstrong was released for prison he decided to go into the music world as a professional. This was not going to be easy though, when he was released from reform school he had to work as a paper boy as a cargo man and he had to sell coal in the streets. Louis had no instrument to play with until he worked with a Jewish family. That gave him the support needed, he saved the money he earned and bought his first instrument form the pawn shop. He began by going from Cabaret to Cabaret, until King Oliver spotted his trumpet skills. John King Oliver is considered by many in being Armstrong's mentor for he was the one that offered him his first official job as a Trumpet, player replacing Oliver in the band. Louis also formed part of the Fate Marble Band; his participation was brief for he was part of it from Spring of 1919 to autumn of the same year. Armstrong made his first recording with King Oliver's band in 1923.Love struck Armstrong in the world of music for he married the pianist of Oliver's band, Lillian Harden. Harden was a very ambitious woman she thought that Armstrong was wasting his time in Oliver's band, facing this pressure


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