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Peter Rugg the Missing Man Study Guide

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Title: Peter Rugg the Missing Man

Author: William Austin

Year of Publication: 1824


Peter Rugg: A stubborn man who is cursed into riding a carriage pulled by a black horse for all of eternity after he left the house of a friend during a thunderstorm and swore he would reach Boston by nightfall

Jonathan Dunwell: ‘narrator' of the story. Begins in a letter written by him that explains hi encounter with Peter Rugg

Jenny: Peter Rugg's daughter, who although she didn't make an oath like Peter did, is also forced to ride on the carriage until the end of time.


The story starts out in a letter from Jonathan Dunwell who gives an account of his encounter with Peter Rugg, who is riding a carriage and being followed by a relentless storm cloud, asking the way to Boston. Peter Rugg was on his way home from Concord in 1770 when he rode into a violent thunderstorm. Although his friend in Menotomy [present day Arlington] asked him to stay the night, but Peter swore he would reach home that night, or never again. Since then, many have claimed to see Peter Rugg and a little girl traveling the streets, asking impatiently the way to Boston. Eventually, Peter came to an auction where he had lived fifty-five years later. He realized that his home was gone, and the ‘new world' [after the War of Independence] was not a place for him.


Alienation- Peter Rugg is an outcast who will never see home again

- He is ignorant to what is happening back home and in the United States; the War of Independence has happened and the States are no longer under the reign


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