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Istqb Advanced Ctal Exam - Study Guide (part 1)

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ISTQB Advanced CTAL Exam – Study Guide (Part 1)

Q. 1: What is Configuration management?

Software configuration management encompasses the disciplines and techniques of initiating,

evaluating, and controlling change to software products during and after the development process. It

emphasizes the importance of configuration control in managing software production.

Configuration management is an integral part of the software development process across all phases of

the life cycle. It functions as a controlling discipline, enabling changes to be made to existing

documentation and products in such a way as not to destroy the integrity of the software. Since

configuration management extends over the life of the product, and since tools, techniques, and

standards exist solely aimed at its proper execution, configuration management can stand alone as a

module within a graduate curriculum.

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Q. 2: What are the Requirements for the Success of Configuration Management?

The key requirement for success of configuration management is the commitment of all levels of

management to enforcing its use throughout the project lifetime. Configuration management, like other

parts of software engineering perceived as being tedious, may require some coercion for success. A

further requirement is the availability of a clearly stated configuration management plan.

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Q. 3: How can we say that Configuration Management is a Cost Saving Tool?

By helping to maintain product integrity, configuration management reduces overall software

development costs. Cost savings during a particular phase of the life cycle depend on the depth of

application of configuration management. For instance, controlling individual source code modules costs

more than only controlling the fully integrated product, but should result in overall savings due to

reduction in side effects from individual changes. At this time, however, there are no quantitative

measures sufficiently well developed


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