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Precious Moment - When I Rode a Double-Decker Bus

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It was the first time I rode a double-Decker bus. The bus looked so small as the result of too many passengers in it. I sat on the second floor on the bus. The feel of nervous came and struck me as I thought that double-Decker bus was not stable and I might get into an accident. While trying to make myself comfortable with the new place, I realized that other passengers were seated in their seat properly. A family of four seated in front me, a spouse with their two daughters.

To my astonishment, they were handicap. The parents could not speak. I do not know either they were also deaf or not. After hours of traveling, I actually heard one of the daughter speak to another child in the bus. Then I saw the father received a video call using his mobile phone. This incident really made me impressed on them and also made me feel so small in this world.

Although I am a normal person, but I never use video call before. I understand their condition and it was a real reason why they need to use a video call. They spoke using sign language to the caller, so they need to see each other. I actually can do this to call my family or friends whom live far from me, but I never did it. I felt like living in a cave and knew nothing about technologies at that time.

Maybe the ways of handicap showing their loves were quite different from us normal people. The couple scolded their children if their children do some noise and being naughty. They also hit their children, but another minute they kissed their children and made their daughters giggling and then smiling again. I was like quite jealous of them as my parents never did that to me. If they scold me, they really do scold me and it will take time for me to realize that I was wrong.

This incident really changed me a lot. Prior to this, I was a girl who did not think deeply and overall in whatever I do. Now I become a girl who has a feeling of compassion and thinks from various angle before doing something.


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