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Hum150 - Film Festival Project

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Film Festival Project

Rosezanna Daker

HUM/ 150

Mar. 25, 2019

Lori Martindale

Film Festival Project

The minute we think of watching a film we often contemplate whether we want to watch a comedy, action or horror film. We never really consider watching a foreign documentary films, this is usually out of the box for most people. These films where chosen because we can see things through others eyes and get a different point of view on the world. Remembering that not everyone has the same view and through film we have the opportunity to see this.

In “Almost Ghosts,” which was directed by Ana Ramon Rubio she wanted to remember those she felt were forgotten. Route 66 used to be the main street of American before the Government finished the construction of the freeways that bypassed this route. This film has more country to folk style music, with the home town style scenery to go with the film. I was filmed on location so you see a lot of the towns that are on Route 66.

 In the film “Shaman Road,” Director Sangjin Choi tells the story of two women who meet at an International Shamanism Festival and both felt that they could never have a normal life because of the visions that they have. This film as a lot of beautiful scenery and more native style music to the region along with drums that go with the religion.

 The film “Sur Le Bout De La Langue,” directed by Vincent Bonnay is a result of his work of telling the story of an encounter between the Eyak people and a young French linguist. The language of these people died in 2008 when the last person of these people pasted on. This film has beautiful scenes of Alaska and the wilderness and the music is native to the region. The editing in these films was done extremely well and the camera angles used captured what they were needing to capture. The genres for these films are documentaries of history and life and fall under the traditional cinematic film theory.


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