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Professional Use of Social Media

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Professional Use of Social Media

As you consider your own professional development, you may find yourself asking a series of questions: Is social media appropriate in the workplace? How does one use social networks for both personal and professional purposes? Social media consists of forms of electronic communication where users “create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content” (“Social media”, n.d., p. 1). Popular forms of social media include social networking websites and microblogs, like Facebook and Tumblr. It is important for you to know about the professional use of websites, like Twitter and Facebook, in order to avoid problems in the business world. One must know the advantages, potential problems, and social networking strategies in order to understand the professional use of social media.

Years ago, a lot of companies ignored social media and blocked all social networks from employees because they did not understand its value.

Today, businesses are starting to empower employees to use their professional and personal social networking accounts for the companies benefit. “In a Proskauer study, they found that more than forty percent of employers considered it an advantage to allow employees to use social media for both business and non-business use” ( Schwabel, 2013, p. 1). This new trend has resulted in a variety of ways that employees can professionally use social networking to “support their companies while simultaneously building their own values and reputation”. For example, employees can use their blogs to increase company sales. Sixty-three percent of employees that write about their company or profession on personal blogs have generated leads and sales at their job. Using your personal blog or social network as a marketing tool can give you value within an organization and increase your chance at promotions (Schwabel, 2013). Employees can also use online networks as a recruiting tool. Personal LinkedIn accounts can be used to assist the human resources department in filling positions. An advantage of helping your job recruit is that many companies give bonuses to employees that refer candidates that are hired.

The professional use of social media has many advantages, but “it is important to recognize that instances of inappropriate use of social media” do occur and result in problems.

When you have a job it is important to understand that


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