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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Swot Analysis

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store SWOT Analysis

Original Paper Written By: Shelby Wiley, Daniel Chiacchira, Carrie Reindollar

Katrine’ Burris, and Amanda Mobley


Revised By: Katrine’ Burris


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Cracker Barrel

Indiana University  - East

Shelby Wiley

Daniel Chiacchira

Carrie Reindollar

Katrine’ Burris

Amanda Mobley

September 17, 2016













The purpose of this research paper is to determine why it is important for managers to understand Cracker Barrel’s vision and mission. We will also complete a SWOT analysis for internal and external controls. A strategy analysis will also be determined for corporate and competitive strategies. As a large restaurant chain, there are many factors that can affect the business. Corporate depends on the management to oversee that all goals are met and quality is kept. As we review all of these complex structures, we will determine the purpose. Cracker Barrel drives on keeping things simple. They are known for their Old Country Store, and are expanding into different markets, like grocery stores. We will also discuss the goals of Cracker Barrel, and how they will reach the younger community. This would mean a new look for the company, which may also make things less simple, as liked by the management.

Keywords: SWOT, Mission, Strategy, Vision





















Cracker Barrel


Remember growing up as a kid, the place you would go to with mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa. The country store was loaded down with everything you wanted and ever needed. It made you feel like home just walking through the doors. There is always a fire burning, checkers being played on the barrels with the extra-large rocking chairs for comfort.  Cracker Barrel has been around many years, with a strong presence in the . Cracker Barrel is known for the down home approach at food and décor. Management wants what makes our customers feel like they are home with every bite they take. Corporate wants management to help portray the company's vision, mission, and strategies.


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