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Swot Analysis for Convenience Store

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SWOT Analysis


Imart provides basic needs, general merchandise and everyday items to the consumers. Also offers variety of ready to eat foods which are very convenient to consumers.

 The company makes sure that products are being distributed to every branch in short possible time. Since out of stock is not a good impression to the consumers.

The company has a three level structure and shifting of products are safely and securely distributed from one place to the other.


Logistics cannot provide instant replacement to transportation services can hinder the distribution of products.  Also, the ineffective and insecure supply of products harms the company and has to face heavy losses incurred on the products.

Imart has an improper inventory management that affects the company’s overall profitability. They experienced inaccurate quantities of goods and inaccurate identification of items in the warehouse.


Imart expanded having twenty two operational branches in Negros. Expansion of their branches means attracting new customers which can lead to profitability.

Imart used technology in order to make the products safe and secure during the shifting process. Technological advancement can lower their cost instead of doing it in a traditional way by having too much manpower.  Also, the company adopts fixed time and schedule to supply the products in short time.


The strong competitors can be a great threat to imart since they have already established strong foundation of their brand name. Seven eleven, Munsterific and Mini Stop are the direct competitors of imart.

Various new legislations are introduced by the government. Thus, the company must follow the policies and comply with the legal requirements of the government in terms of warehouse ownership, transportation, distribution, etc.


The company should implement warehouse management control in order to avoid profit losses. Employees of the company must be vigilant to the system of the business to prevent dysfunctionality. They must also implement new tools or ways like quality control in order to avoid out of stock products. By implementing these methods, they can improve their distribution system.


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