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Opportunity - Color Still Life

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Artist statement


        The assignment is to choose one of the artwork from the previous topics to create an abstract or boundary art.  I choose to use a foam board to do my painting, and the artwork I choose is the “Color Still Life” that has grape, lemon, shoes, and bowl in the painting. I decide to do a boundary art painting with the representational approach, the focal point will be the yellow bowl and green grapes, then when people getting closer it will be more abstract element show up since I use many similar colors for one element.

        In this piece of artwork, the grapes are representing the chance people will faces and the yellow bowl in the bottom is shown how many opportunities you can get to make your life better. The grapes seem like falling from the sky and the size gets big to small when it goes down, it is representing the difficult you need to face to become successes. When the goal is far away you think you can reach it, but after a while as close as you get to that chance you will find out how many dilemmas are waiting for you.

        Color and composition are very important in my work, and those colors in some way represent emotion. I first use vine to draw the circle and a bowl and then paint dark and light green for the grapes also use green-yellow paint around the outside of the circle to make it looks pop out from the background, and dark and light yellow for the bowl. The background color I chose to use ultramarine blue to shows the consciousness is stable and calm, and those lines with different color represent different emotion that will pop in person’s head throughout the process to reach their goal. All those color puts together makes this piece give the viewer a feeling of joy, the feeling they will get after gets the opportunity.

        Boundary art is a very interesting style to try, and I really enjoy this assignment. I hope my work will make the viewer feels happy and that’s also my feeling when I create this piece. All those light and warm color I use in the painting all representing the decision I made in the process. If I can change something in this piece, probably is some color of the line in the background to make it looks thinner and better.


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