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You Can Improve Your Life and Opportunity Is Real

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You Can Improve Your Life and Opportunity is Real

Michael Horsey


July 11th, 2016

Ramona Smerz


Started to read the article about, “7 Ways to Better Your Life Starting Today”, and it gave me a good feeling about different options to improve my life. We cannot focus on worrying or making mistakes because things happen that we have no control of. The one thing we can do is to learn from our mistakes and gain trust in yourself that you can learn and grow within. Your self-intuition is very important; it helps you make positive decision on important life situations. Another article that was very interesting was how you make every minute work better for you and to be a better individual then you were a minute ago. The statement made by Jay Conrad Levinson, “A successful person puts as much thought into time and how to use it as he or she puts into business”, (Levinson, 1990). means a lot to me when it comes to being successful. Time is very valuable and every minute counts, when working in means of business, you always want to make sure that you use your time wisely to achieve the task at hand. Levinson makes it a point to consider three questions that you want to be answered or tasks that need to be completed within a time period. I agree with him completely when he says that listening to motivational tapes or music while exercising or in the car could help with the thought process within the course of your day. Your life can be ruined by Facebook, Cohen explains how posting photos, vacation destinations, thoughts, ideas, comments, or even personal experiences in general can be harmful to one’s self. (Cohen, 2013). 

On the other side of the table there are social media websites that influence us when making life changes or decisions. Facebook for example, individuals get really tied into Facebook and get so deep involved with different situations that it, one way or another, can affect or ruin their life. People have to many friends that they cannot even call friends, they post or share to much of their personal information,


and get tied into too much of the social media side. An example of Facebook ruining a person’s life would be, a young smart intelligent female who is getting her first career lifelong job with a very well-known company such as; Verizon FiOS. She posts on Facebook pictures of her partying the weekend before her first interview, with other females and males. The pictures show tons of beer cans or empty liquor bottles; she also is shown wearing inappropriate attire. The company is really interested in her and happens to check social media or Facebook to see if there are any obscene pictures which could hinder her getting the job, and what do they find? That could have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for the young female, that was ruined by Facebook because she posted those pictures.


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