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Philosophy of Life

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Life is full of choices and each person's journey is unique. Many struggle to find meaning in their life while others believe they have it all figure out. From inception our parents instilled in us their morals and beliefs in the hopes we will uphold those morals and values in our daily living. Somewhere along the line we make a choice and decide what we want to belief.

As a child we were always asking the question "why", to most parents this question sometimes becomes difficult to answer, we don't always know the answer to "why the sky is blue" or "why did grandpa die". As grownups we feel embarrassed to ask the question "why" because we feel that we should already know the answer to these questions. What we forget is that questioning is the best way to find answers. One of my philosophies of life is to question everything and don't settle until I find an answer that I can live with. Learning is an ongoing part of life and asking questions will help you find the answers you are looking for.

Another philosophy of life I follow which aligns with Confucius's teaching's, is taking care of those around you, your community, family and friends. Even though there are certain teachings in Confucius sayings that I do not care about, his overall philosophy is one I can relate to. In one of Confucius sayings it stated "Wealth and rank attained through immoral means have as much to do with me as passing clouds" (Stevenson & Haberman, 2008, p. 15) this is a very powerful statement. Many people do the right thing because that's the way they were raise or is part of their moral structure but others do the right thing because they are afraid of the consequences. Either way, getting wealth or power though unethical means has become part of our capitalist culture and for some it has become the right thing to do for them.

In Confucius's teachings it talks about "doing what is right simply because it is morally right" (Stevenson & Haberman, 2008, p. 16) is hard to find people in our society who do the right thing without expecting anything in return, even many of those who do charity have an ulterior motive. At my last job, on my last day of work, I was making sure that everything was clearly labeled and creating a checklist for my replacement, one of my co-workers asked me "Why are you still working? is your last day, I wouldn't be doing anything if I was you." I told her I didn't want to leave any loose ends and didn't want anyone who had to finish my projects to be confused, she looked at me like I was crazy.

I didn't care that it was my last of work and that it wasn't my responsibility any more, I just wanted to make the job a little bit easier for the next person who took over my position. I took pride in my work and even though I was leaving on my own accord, and no one showed me where


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