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Argumentative Paper - Ancient Philosophy

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Ancient Philosophy

Argumentative Essay

1) What is the nature of the relationship between men and women [including gods and goddess] in our readings?

Men Had a Purpose Women did not

I think women, both mortal and immortal were powerful individuals who could control the minds of a male dominated society. They may have been the followers in the eyes of society, but in their minds they could outwit their opposites without them realizing. This will be proven in my follow-up argument, literature and facts of these individuals. Focuses will be placed on their social practices, power and their ability to understand things more effectively than men and hence, the males dependency on them.

Although the case was that, in Greek literature and Greek civilizations in ancient times, women were considered merely reproductive machines and were held as objects for lust and had no place in society, except for their homes. They were relegated to an inferior and subordinate position. Also, Greek women generally stayed indoors and performed domestic duties along with caring for their offspring. They were never allowed to be beyond the wall of the courtyard except fro certain festivals and funerals. Any women who were seen sitting on the stoops were considered daring or prostitutes. While men on the other hand, had supremacy, power and authority and self worth in their society. Sons were valued more than daughters; and likewise their infidelities were praised. Men could have multiple relationships (polygamy) and many had slave concubines. That indicates that the position of women was inferior to that of the male.

Firstly (as it relates to power), Hesiod's Theogony, set in the early seven hundreds B.C., describes the transfer of power from the earlier goddesses Gaia, who he associated with passion and the bearer of the children of creation. . She was also one of the deities who came into being out of Chaos. But, later the ruler of the twelve deities was born, Zeus (male god of Olympus), to whom total power was transferred. Once in power, Zeus instituted a patriarchal order among the gods and goddess. There on, male gods were free to exploit goddesses and earthly women at their pleasure and produced numerous children without having to answer to anyone but them selves. But, the women performed their duties without complaining, knowing that their only purpose was that of a reproductive machine.

In other words, women were not only bearing children continuously, but, they were also coerced into incest and sexual intercourse without love attached to it. One would have thought that, the male gods would have been more appreciative of their wives and children. But, instead, the gods would destroy their children immediately after birth, mainly because of jealousy and selfishness.


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