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Controlling Paper

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Controlling Paper

Monekia English

University of Phoenix

The company that I would like to discuss while writing my controlling paper is classroom teacher. With this in mind the classroom teacher is the manager of the classroom that I work in. so if the classroom teacher is the manager than he or she has to take control of all the situations that may occur in the classroom. If they have a strong manager then he or she has to prove that he or she can handle the duties that have to be done on daily basis no matter what.

A control tool used by the classroom teacher is having strong classroom assistants that are capable of getting the job done, and that are easy to work with. The reason for saying this that the manager needs a strong assistant is because staff has to work with students with disabilities. The manager needs staff who can take over in him or her absent without having any problems in do this. The manager also has to be able to trust the staff that he or she works with on a daily basis, and has the satisfaction of knowing that can handle and upset parent, nurse, and speech therapist. This has to be very effective no matter what when it comes to the needs of the students.

Teamwork plays a big part of one of the many tools that are in working with the students on a day to day basis. There are nine students in the classroom with four staff they have no other choice but to have teamwork. In today's world you have to have team work on the job or else you will never get any work done by your employees. It takes a strong team in order for everything to run smoothly each and every day. If the manager sees that he or she cannot work well with the team this is grounds for replacement for either staff or the manager. These rules are very effective no matter what. When it comes to the care of the students' excurses can be given no matter what. If he or she continue to breaks the rules than he or she will be reassign to another classroom or even another school.

Several additional


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